Quality Craftsmanship


Country Elegance Log Homes believes in quality, first and foremost. Our quality construction begins with the logs. Our logs are sourced from managed, renewable forests, and milled with precision.

In addition, we stay on top of the latest green building techniques and make use of various green building materials, to bring your new log home into the modern age of energy efficiency and environmentally sustainable standards. Because the logs provide both the structural and the primary decorative components of a log home, the result is a very high percentage of renewable materials in the final construction. In essence, the same elements that make the home “green” also make it beautiful. We provide not only a beautiful log home, but also one that is also highly energy efficient, makes use of natural, renewable resources, and supports a healthy home environment.

Finally, because the logs used in the construction of a Country Elegance Log Home are milled with precision to provide a tight fit to ensure a more energy-efficient structure, your log home will naturally hold the heat in the winter and keep things cooler in the summer, simply by its thermal mass. Studies conducted by the Department of Energy show a solid log framed home saves about 46% in heating costs and 24% in cooling costs compared to a standard lumber framed home.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of log home living is knowing that you are living in a natural, beautiful, and healthy home. The use of natural materials in all Country Elegance Log Homes contributes to a healthier environment for you and your family. Studies demonstrate that log homes support healthier indoor air quality, including helping to naturally maintain humidity in a desirable range. Customers report that the relaxing environment of their new log home results in a major reduction in their level of stress.

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