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Log Homes 101: All About Log-Home Living

  • February 18, 2018

Do you dream of living in a cozy log cabin? Here’s what you need to know about log home living.

Although log structures originated in Scandinavia, Russia, and Eastern Europe, they are now icons of American architecture. Today, log homes come in all styles and sizes, from modest unheated weekend cabins to sprawling state-of-the-art estates.

Guide to Log-Home Living

Long prevalent as country weekend homes, these rustic beauties are increasingly being built as primary residences. In the United States, 26,000 log homes are built each year, according to the Log Homes Council.

Typically a potential homeowner contacts a log-home manufacturer or packager, who helps to design a floor plan (or customize a stock one), then sells the logs and various other parts as a package. It is necessary then to hire a local contractor to assemble the house on-site. Building styles and species of logs vary based on the area of the country, but since many companies ship throughout the United States, numerous choices are available. About 90 percent of manufacturers use milled logs, while the rest still handcraft them.

Country Elegance Log Homes takes the need for you to find your own log package and hire your own contractor. As an Authorized Dealer/Builder for True North Log Homes, we facilitate the custom design process AND the build of your log home. Schedule a tour of our Model Log Home and let’s discuss how Country Elegance Log Homes can bring your log home living dreams to reality. Call us: 210-372-9880

Coordinate the Interior

When it comes time to decorate a log home, balance is key. There’s no need to do the entire house in a hunting-lodge theme, but an exess of modern materials will look out of place in such a rustic home. Do give a nod to the house’s provenance and innate characteristics by using plenty of natural materials, comfortable furnishings, and warm, inviting colors.

Getting the Log-Cabin Look

Stain: Besides protecting your home’s interior from fading, a stain can provide a splash of color. Choose a golden stain to use throughout the house, or pick sheer-colored stains to individualize certain rooms.

Details: Hanging pictures and other items on log walls is a snap—even with rounded logs, pictures will hang straight. And if you move your art frequently, there’s no need to spackle nail holes since they blend in.