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Innovation: Log Wall System

  • April 3, 2018

Log Wall System

Discover the Innovation In a True North Log Home

Country Elegance Log Homes became a dealer of True North Log Homes for the innovation and technology. Within in the walls of every True North Log Home are many innovations that set us apart. Years of diligent research have resulted in an exclusive patented joinery system, unmatched in the industry. And our in-house design team and computer aided manufacturing process keep it affordable.

Our technology capitalizes on the fact that all logs will shrink and settle over time. True North uses that natural log shrinkage that occurs to its advantage, which ultimately makes the log assemblies tighter. The introduction of strategically placed patented keylocks, butt splines, and postlocks work with nature to actually tighten the structure over time.



The strength of any building is in the corner. That’s why our patented Keylock Air Seal Corner® has revolutionized the log home industry. The absence of nails, screws or lag bolts in the joinery of a True North Log Home is the key advantage of our product. All gaskets and caulking are internal, so chinking or exterior caulking will never be needed. Our patented Postlock Corner system is a first in log home construction expanding log home design options to include any angle you can imagine.

Our logs are milled out of Western Red Cedar or Eastern White Pine in full measure 6″, 8″, or 10″ widths (12″ on special order). All logs measure twelve inches in height, have a double tongue and groove and are milled to a tolerance of 1/5000th of an inch.

Our patented Tongue & Groove System allows for U.V. resistant joinery, gaskets and caulking to be integrated for airtight construction. Thru-bolts are inserted, and the log walls are torqued down and spring loaded with a 1000-pound spring, compressing the sealants to form a watertight triple seal

We take great pride in our innovative spirit, which is reflected in our 14 exclusive Canadian and U.S. patents. Our 25-year “Zero” Air Infiltration Warranty is unrivaled in the industry and reflects the confidence we have in our log home system. This warranty comes with every True North factory stained (another industry first) log home.

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