Commercial Building


Have you ever considered a log structure for your business? The fact is, people like to work, shop, eat, drink, and play in log businesses for all the same reasons they like to live in log homes. Logs feel good. They’re warm and they’re beautiful. Even people who wouldn’t choose a log home for themselves are charmed and attracted by banks, restaurants, retail shops, and other places of business that use logs. Country Elegance Log Homes can provide your business with a beautiful log building that will be enjoyable for your employees and inviting to your customers.

And log businesses aren’t just for ski resorts, either. Commercial log structures are found all across the nation. Logs touch the essential frontier spirit of Americans everywhere, so they work everywhere. Log structures for commercial applications can be remarkably attractive, drawing customers who would otherwise pass you by. Create a warm and cozy feeling for your customers as soon as they drive into your parking lot.

The beauty of commercial log structures is far from skin deep. In fact, the superb construction characteristics of logs add greatly to their desirability for many kinds of retail and office businesses. Initial costs compare very favorably with ordinary construction materials, and long term energy efficiency and low maintenance cost means your structure keeps looking better and better with each passing year.

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